Sales exhibition 'Wonderful Creatures: Animals in art!'

Posted on 3 July 2019

This summer, Kunstconsult shows in the sales exhibition ‘Wonderful Creatures’ how animals were a source of inspiration for 20th century artists. For contemporary artists, like ceramist Dagmar de Kok, the animal is still a muse. From August 11 until September 15 the ceramic creatures of De Kok and the animalistic collection of Kunstconsult come to life in Amstelveen.

Animals as muses

From endearing monkeys by Barend Jordens and Anton Fortuin to a colourful Memphis duck lamp by Ettore Sottsass. In the exhibition animals are portrayed in very diverse ways by well-known 20th-century artists such as Willy Sluiter, Leo Gestel, Frederik Engel, Lambertus Zijl, Hendrik van den Einde and Etie van Rees. Monkeys, peacocks, fish, horses, cows and even fantasy animals are found in paintings, sculptures, etches, glass, silver and furniture. Due to the wide variety of art objects and the eclectic set-up, there is something to admire for every art lover.


Ceramic creatures

Amidst the Kunstconsult sales collection, imaginative ceramic animal sculptures by Dagmar de Kok are in the spotlight. Myths, legends and fairytales from different cultures are the inspiration for her work. By using contemporary metaphors, De Kok gives age-old stories a contemporary twist and refers to current social developments. De Kok explains: ‘For me, the fairytale symbolizes a flight to a new world, future prosperity and maybe even freedom of mind’.


Opening with Dagmar de Kok 

Wonderful Creatures’ will be festively opened on Sunday 11 August at 1 PM. Artist Dagmar de Kok is present to explain her work in person.


Sales exhibition ‘Wonderful Creatures: Animals in art!’ 

11 August until 15 September 2019, Kunstconsult - 20th century art | objects, 

Smederij 4, Amstelveen, 020-3416476,


Opening: Sunday 11 August, 1 PM - 5 PM

Regular hours: every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 1 PM - PM or by appointment

Final day: Sunday 15 September, 1 PM - PM