Buying art from Kunstconsult

Authenticity and condition guaranteed

You can safely buy art from Kunstconsult: We guarantee the authenticity and condition of each object. We prefer to sell items of the highest quality. In case an object has small damages or has been restored, we will nform you about this prior to your purchase.


General Conditions

Kunstconsult is a member of the Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands (Koninklijke Vereeniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst; KVHOK). The General Conditions of the KVHOK apply to all our activities

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Buying from this website

Do you want to purchase an item shown on this website? Please contact us.


Visiting our showroom

You are welcome to visit our showroom on Wednesday.  Please contact us.



Kunstconsult exhibits at several fairs. For example the major Dutch art fair PAN Amsterdam.