Selling an art object or design furniture

Do you own a special art object or design furniture and are you interested in selling it to - or through - Kunstconsult? Or even a complete art collection? Please send us an email with your proposal and attach images.


Selling an art collection

Kunstconsult is specialised in selling complete art collections. Some examples are:

  • The Enke Collection, an important art glass collection, assembled throughout 40 years by a Berlin based architect.
  • The Dingemans Collection, with furniture and interior objects from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period, and art glass from the 20th century. A sales exhibition will be held in 2018.

Do you intend to sell (items from) your art collection? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities that we can offer you.


Valuation of art objects and design furniture

Would you like to have art objects or design furniture valuated? But you are not interested in selling? In that case you can hire us for research and valuation. Please contact us with the detailss and we can give you a quote for our fee.