20th-Century applied arts

The exterior of the former taxi garage gives no hint or indication of anything special, but inside, a surprising industrial look has been created as a decor for one of the largest collections of 20th-Century applied arts in the Netherlands. There is a wealth of examples of great Dutch design, without excluding foreign icons.


Art Nouveau, Art Deco and post-war design

Besides early 20th-Century styles, such as Art Nouveau, Amsterdam School, Art Deco and Modernism, Kunstconsult focuses on post-war design. Furniture from all modern movements from the 20th century is being combined with glass art and ceramics from the 1900s up until the present time. Moreover, furniture, carpets, sculptures and paintings are part of the collection.


At short distance of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Our gallery is situated at a short distance of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Public transport from Amsterdam City stops around the corner.



We have a large showroom of 500 m2. Would you like to visit us? Please call us in advance.


The Kunstconsult team

Wiljan Versteeg

With 25 years of experience in art trading, Wiljan is the éminence grise of our company. Co-founder of Kunstconsult. Senior art valuer with great knowledge of the art market.

Our ‘chief purchasing and selling’. Always on the road to visit art collectors.

Wiljan is our specialist when it comes to advising about art collecting. He also specialises in selling complete private and company collections. Contact Wiljan Versteeg.

Naomi Verbeek

Superbe gallery manager. Art historian with a great love for 20th century applied arts. Blessed with a talent for narrating, which she shows perfectly in our course about 20th Century art glass.

Naomi is the central player at the Kunstconsult office. Do you want to know more about buying and selling items through Kunstconsult? Contact Naomi Verbeek.

Belinda Visser

Co-founder of Kunstconsult. Has a great eye for beautiful objects and is always curious about the stories behind them. Skilled researcher and storyteller.

Initiator and editor-in-chief of Art Deco magazine. Experienced marketeer, who also worked for large firms.

Proud of Kunstconsult’s own story: it all started as a hobby, but in 2016 a dream came true with our Showcase at TEFAF Maastricht.

Belinda believes in the power of a good network. Do you want to advertise in Art Deco magazine or do you see other opportunities to work together? Contact Belinda Visser.

Noortje Remmerswaal

Gallery assistant. Art historian with great sense for styling. Because of her ability to perfectly combine diverse objects she has become the interior decorator of Kunstconsult. 

Noortje is responsible for the online content of Kunstconsult. She takes care of photography, researches collection items and is editor of Art Deco magazine.

Elin van Old Diek

Dutch shepherd. Guards the company and fulfils the role of doorbell. (WAF)