Hildo Krop, Unique wooden sculpture, Amsterdam School, 1926

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This unique sculpture, made out of coromandel wood, was created by Hildo Krop in 1926. It was designed to be part of the wall paneling of the study of a house in Amsterdam. Images of the sculpture within this interior were published in the famous art- and design magazine Wendingen, no. 8 (1927) 2, p. 6 and 7. The sculpture shows a striking composition of a female figure combined with details of a female face and hand. Hildo Krop is a well-known Dutch sculptor and designer, associated with the Amsterdam School. He designed furniture, ceramics and ironwork but is mostly famous for the sculptures he made for the city of Amsterdam. He was responsible for the artwork on many bridges and buildings, including the Scheepvaarthuis.

Hildo (H.L.) Krop
20 x 10.5 x 7 cm
Excellent. The wooden pedestal is a contemporary addition to the sculpture.

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