Hildo Krop, blanket chest for the wife of the artist, djati wood, 1948

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This richly decorated blanket chest is made by Hildo Krop for his wife in 1948. On the lid of the chest is written in a graceful handwriting: 'Hildo Krop dedicavit uxori carissimae AD 1948', which means: 'By Hildo Krop dedicated to his beloved wife in 1948'. The blanket chest is made of djati wood and comes from the artist's own studio. On the front and sides of the chest is written on a banderole in capital letters: "De mens staat en valt En helpt en richt zich op Wat geloof de mens ook heeft verloren De vrijheid eenmaal wordt geboren" ("Man stands and falls And helps and gets up Whatever faith man has lost Once freedom is born"). This phrase, like the representations on the seven relief panels, refers to the liberation of 1945.

Hildo (H.L.) Krop
Studio of Hildo Krop
Mid-Century Modern
Jati wood
Hildo Krop dedicavit uxori carissimae A.D. 1948
72 x 170 x 60 cm
On the corner at the bottom right, a piece of wood is missing.

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