Wed. N.S.A. Firma Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co.

The Netherlands 1895 - 1904

Pottery Firma Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co. was founded by widow N.S.A. Brantjes en E. Estié in 1895 in Purmerend. Originally, earthenware was made in the tradition of Delft Blue. This changed to the Art Nouveau style which had been introduced by N.V. Haagsche Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg. The pottery made vases as well as tiles and tile tableaux, whereby a high standard was reached thanks to designers such as C.J. Lanooy, Th. Verstraaten and Jacob Vet. Characteristic of Firma Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co. are the vases whose ears almost touch each other at the neck. Firma Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes & Co. was taken over by Plateelbakkerij Haga in 1904.