Theo Vos

The Netherlands 1887 - 1948

Vos was a son of the Groningen carpenter Andreas Jacobus Vos and of Alida Heidelberg. He was educated at Academie Minerva with Johan Peddemors and continued his studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels with Victor Rousseau (1911-1912).[2][3] In the following years he lived and worked in Paris, Cologne and London and settled in the Netherlands again in 1916. He then lived alternately in Haarlem, The Hague and Amsterdam and from 1944 permanently in Haarlem.[4]

Vos made, among other things, female and child figures, masks and animal portraits. In 1924-1925 he designed figurines of a lute player and three dancers for the German porcelain manufacturer Hutschenreuther, with the dancer Gertrud Leistikow as a model. Vos made a lot of building sculpture, facade statues and reliefs for Gerrit Jan Rutgers, Willem Kromhout and other architects. An example of this is the series of ten facade images, 'citizens of the world', and other facade elements that he made in 1929 for the extension of the American Hotel.

world citizens

In 1930 Vos, Frits van Hall, Johan Polet, Adrianus Remiëns, Jan Trapman and Marinus Vreugde made gable stones to embellish railway viaducts for a ring railway in Amsterdam. Partly due to the crisis, the ring railway was not built. The facing bricks were stored and were placed on Nieuwe Hoogstraat in 1983.[5] In 1931 Vos was one of the nine sculptors, alongside Trapman, Vreugde and Willem IJzerdraat, among others, who were commissioned by the municipality of Amsterd.

?Working (selection)[edit | edit source text]

1919 gable stone with faun for villa Klatte at Cornelis Schuytstraat 65, Amsterdam
1923 two entrance figures, representing the summer and winter of life, at 29 JJ Viottastraat, Amsterdam
1924 building sculpture mansions Hacquartstraat, Reinier Vinkeleskade, Cornelis Schuytstraat, Amsterdam[ 8]
1926 building sculpture, Cornelis Krusemanstraat 4-8, Amsterdam
1927-1928 building sculpture Carlton Hotel (Amsterdam)
1927 building sculpture (naked female figure), villa Lebbink, Apollolaan 166, Amsterdam
1927 facade statue Rafaël, corner Raphaëlstraat/Apollolaan, Amsterdam
1928 ten citizens of the world, facade statues for the extension of the American Hotel, Amsterdam
1930-1931 bronze dancer and sculpted staircase for MS Dempo of the Rotterdamsche Lloyd
1930 reliefs 'traffic' and 'station scene' made as railway viaduct decorations, Nieuwe Hoogstraat 12-16, Amsterdam
1930-1913 wood carving in boardroom and meeting room of the office of OLVEH in Den The Hague
1931 girl with shell (or snail shell), Muzenhof, Amsterdam
1932 facade image Albrecht Dürerstraat 20, Amsterdam
1932 frieze (Orpheus) in aula Vossius Gymnasium
1932 architectural sculpture on facade and bronze reliefs in reception hall, Heinekenhuis, Rotterdam (the facade relief 'Heinekens Brouwerij' is by WC Brouwer)
1934 head of the stained-glass artist Jan Schouten above the entrance of the Van der Vormkapel, connected to the Sint-Janskerk (Gouda)