Mommie (S.L.) Schwarz

The Netherlands 1876 - 1942

Samuel L. ‘Mommie’ Schwarz (1876-1942) was a painter and graphic artist. His graphic designs were praised from the start. During the Art Deco period he earned his living by making brochures, book covers, illustrations and advertisement posters. Together with his wife Else Berg, Schwarz belonged to the Amsterdam avant-garde. They were extremely productive and active in the art scene of the time. Between 1910 and 1942 they participated in more than 150 (group) exhibitions at home and abroad. In 1925, at the famous Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, Mommie Schwarz received a gold medal and a beautiful 'diploma' in the category 'Art de la Rue'. He liked to draw market vendors, construction workers, the loading and unloading on harbour quays, passengers and sailors on boats and clochards under bridges.