Johnny Rolf

The Netherlands 1936

Johnny Rolf (1957) is a Dutch ceramist, drawing artist and sculptorShe started out working as a secretaryAfter her marriage to artist Jan de Rooden, Rolf developed an interest in ceramicsThereforeshe set up a small atelier at her parents’ house. Already in her early worksit became clear that Rolf was not afraid to explore new ways in ceramics. The forms of her works were from those of her colleagues. Johnny Rolf is guided by her imagination and feelings. She is inspired by the many travels she and her husband made. This way, she also learned many pottery traditions from all over the world. Rolf works with different kinds of clay, mixed with different types of chamottes. Moreover, she uses colouring engobes to decorate her works. Until 1966 her work is classified as pottery, later the themes in her works shift towards sculptures. Next to ceramics, Johnny Rolf also produces gouaches.