Cris Agterberg

The Netherlands 1883 - 1948

Cris Agterberg (1883-1948) is one of the sculptors of the Amsterdam School movement. His sculptures and bronze studio pieces are recognisable for their elongated human figures. Sculptural, zoomorphic details and the abstracted female figure encompass the design ideals of the Amsterdam School. Due to the intensive labour required in producing these pieces, along with their considerable cost price, the larger studio pieces of Cris Agterberg are quite rare. 

Although Agterberg saw himself primarily as a sculptor, he also was a versatile designer of decorative arts, who succeeded in reaching a wide audience by collaborating with larger manufacturers. In this way, he designed glass objects for the Glasfabriek Leerdam (Leerdam Glassworks) and ceramics for several pottery factories. Rarer are the craft products that he created in small editions in his own studio. Some of the finest examples are the silver jewels with a typical Amsterdam School design.