Eja Siepman van den Berg, 'Standing girl', bronze, executed by Bronze Foundry Binder, 1972

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Bronze sculpture 'Standing girl' by Dutch artist Eja Siepman van den Berg (1943). Siepman studies poses and translates them into sculptures with a perfectly smooth surface, like in this case of a young girl: Marjolein van Raalte. In an article of the magazine Fragment (number 16, 2019) this sculpture is described. Siepman considers this particular work as the key piece of her career. During the process of making this piece she discovered her own characteristic style, in which she continues to work for the rest of her oeuvre. The sculpture is signed at the bottom with 'Eja 1972' and 'Binder Bronsgieterij', the bronze foundry where the work is executed. This work is an early edition. It was executed in a limited edition of 7. Siepman has won various prestigious prizes, such as the Prix de Rome in 1967, the Charlotte van Pallandt prize in 1978 and the Wilhelminaring in 2017. Her works are collected by museums as well as private collectors. Her sculptures are also exhibited in the public space, such as Dordrecht, Groningen and Leeuwarden. A similar bronze sculpture is part of the collection of the 'Tweede Kamer', the Dutch House of Representatives.

Eja Siepman van den Berg
Post-War & Contemporary
Eja 1972, Binder Bronsgieterij
70 x 22.5 x 13.5 cm

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