Wendingen, Works by the Dutch sculptor Joseph Mendes da Costa, cover design Joseph Mendes da Costa, 1923, edition 5-6

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Wendingen, maandblad voor bouwen en sieren (monthly magazine for building and decoration), was a Dutch magazine of the society Architectura et Amicitia that was published from 1918 until 1933. Each magazine dealt with a contemporary issue in architecture, art and/or design. The art magazine was especially notable for its special square shape and unconventional typography. This copy is made in 1923 and has as theme The works by the Dutch sculptor Joseph Mendes da Costa. The cover was designed by Mendes da Costa, edited by Hendrik Wijdeveld. The introduction and accompanying texts are written by M. W. van der Valk and H.C. Verkruijsen. The magazine consists of pictures of works by Mendes da Costa. This edition consists of 52 pages, including advertisements.

Joseph Mendes da Costa
Amsterdam School
33 x 33 cm
Good. Slightly damaged cover.

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