Sales exhibition Post-War Ceramics

From October 24th until December 30th Kunstconsult organizes a special exhibition dedicated to the work of Dutch post-war ceramists. Think of artists such as Lies Cosijn, Etie van Rees, Johan van Loon, Jan van der Vaart, Johnny Rolf, Hans de Jong, Suzanne Taub and Geert Lap.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 1 PM - 5 PM
Open on Saturday: 27 October, 24 November and 29 December - 1 PM - 5PM.

Sales exhibition Post-War Ceramics


Do you own remarkable post-war ceramics of one of these artists that you would like to sell? Please let us know as soon as possible!

Send an email with a photograph and a short description to

24 October 2018 / 30 December 2018

Smederij 4
1185 ZR Amstelveen, Netherlands
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