Roger Guerin

France 1896 - 1954

Roger Guèrin (1896-1954) was one of the most important Belgian ceramists in Bouffioulx, near Charleroi. He was a member of the Société des Grès d'Art de Bouffioulx. Typical was his use of dripping glazes in his decorations. Guèrin was true to the history of his region, and often worked in a type of hard ceramics (baked at a temperature of more than 1250 degrees Celsius), which was made there since the late Middle Ages. Guèrin exhibited his work at the Paris expo's of 1925 and 1937. Guèrin worked together with artists such as Cris Achterberg, Marcel Wolfers, Pierre Caille, Damien Ingels and Chris Lebeau.