Hein (Henricus Gerardus Quirinus) Severijns

The Netherlands 29-10-1963

Hein Severijns (1936) is a ceramist and potter. He studied at the Stadsacademie Maastricht and the Werkkunstschule and the Ingenieursschule für Keramik in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. Apart from stoneware, he has also been producing porcelain since 1979. His porcelain works are characterized by their graceful, twisted forms. Severijns has specialized in the art of glazing. He produces his own matte crystal glazing. In addition, he also uses a raku technique and ash glazings. Sometimes he gives his works a simplistic decor, mainly inspired by the plant world. Due to his expertise, the works of Han Severijns are easy on the eyes thanks to the perfect finish and his pretty glazings. His goals is to create the perfect object, not to break new grounds.