Gestolde Dromen X: Coffee concert 'Ode to the Sea'

During the opening weekend of the Gestolde Dromen X sales exhibition, Kunstconsult celebrates its anniversary with cultural activities. On Sunday morning 2 June, the day gets off to a good start with a coffee concert by singer Hèlen Botman and singer-songwriter Peter van Vleuten in the gallery of Kunstconsult. Entirely within the anniversary theme, they bring an atmospheric ode to the sea.

Gestolde Dromen X: Coffee concert 'Ode to the Sea'

Singer-songwriters Hèlen Botman and Peter van Vleuten are known for their storytelling concerts: songs and stories alternate. This way, visitors get a look behind the scenes - or hear how a song was created.
During the coffee concert on Sunday 2 June, Botman & Van Vleuten will pay tribute to the sea. With music, poetry and stories they build a bridge to the glass art exhibition Gestolde Dromen X 'Zeeschatten', which this coffee concert is a part of.
The concert takes place in the intimate setting of the glass art exhibition. That is why the number of places is limited. Order now!
Gestolde Dromen X: Coffee concert 'Ode to the Sea'
Sunday 2 June 2019, 11.30 AM - 12.30 PM
No tickets available anymore. 

2 June 2019 / 2 June 2019

Smederij, 4
1185 ZR Amstelveen, Netherlands
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